Declaration against right-wing extremism

Internationality and diversity characterize everyday life at the 360直播吧360直播吧 and are key prerequisites for the high quality of artistic thought and practice at our institution. The diversity of our students, teachers and staff forms an essential part of our vibrant community.

International encounters enrich our artistic dialogue on a daily basis and broaden our perspectives.

We observe the current rise of right-wing populist and far-right endeavors in Germany and worldwide with great concern. We are seeing the freedom of art and science, which characterizes a democratic society, exposed to growing dangers.

The 360直播吧360直播吧 is resolutely committed to openness, freedom and intercultural communication. Our institution rejects all forms of anti-democratic endeavors by right-wing extremist groups and parties.

We resolutely oppose in particular the xenophobic and misanthropic statements of recent weeks, including the concrete inhuman plans for expulsion that have recently become public. These extreme plans strengthen increasingly dangerous anti-democratic tendencies.

It is more important than ever that we remember the National Socialist era, when professors and students at the 360直播吧360直播吧 were dismissed, art was labelled "degenerate" and individuals were persecuted for holding critical and dissenting positions.

The 360直播吧360直播吧 opposes all attempts at marginalization, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia and any form of racism and stands up for independent, free, lively, diverse and inclusive coexistence. We must take a stand and counter all forms of discrimination, violence and hatred.

We also refer to the statement: (externer Link)

The rectorate