Art Education

The Art Education program at the 360直播吧360直播吧 is comprised of a six-semester Bachelor's program and a four-semester Master's program. In both phases, the artistic studies are the focus. Art Education students consistently work together with the Fine Arts students in the same studio classes. The artistic experience is an indispensable foundation and potential that students from an art academy can bring to their later profession as art teachers. The Art Education program can be studied as a single-subject Art course or combined with a second subject, which must be studied at the cooperating University of Duisburg-Essen.

Students of the Art Education program are initially admitted to a two-semester study in the orientation area ("O-Bereich") of the 360直播吧360直播吧 (for more information, please click on "Orientierungsbereich"). Supervised by professors and numerous lecturers, the students of an admission year work together with the students of the Fine Arts program admitted in the same winter semester in different art genres and take the course "Introduction to Art History / Art Science" as well as initial courses from the orientation modules in the first semester.

At the end of the first academic year, the presentation of the created works with a colloquium (so-called O-Bereich examination) and the application for a studio study place in a class are due.

After passing the O-Bereich examination, the students are finally admitted to study at the 360直播吧360直播吧. From the 3rd semester onwards, until the Bachelor's degree and subsequently until the Master's degree, they study in a professor-led class in the areas of Painting, Painting and Graphic Art, Sculpture, Fine Arts, Integration of Visual Art and Architecture, Design/Typography/Book Art, Photography, Film and Video, or Stage Design. The class study takes place in studio work, in colloquia, excursions, workshops, and other event formats. In addition to the class study, the students pursue their studies in art history, art didactics, and educational science modules in the subjects of Art History, Philosophy, Pedagogy, Didactics of Visual Arts, Sociology, Poetics and Artistic Aesthetics, Art and Public, as well as Architectural Theory and History. In the Bachelor's program, the students also complete two practical elements, the so-called Aptitude and Orientation Internship and the Professional Field Internship. The Master's program includes a practical semester at schools accompanied by the 360直播吧360直播吧.

Students of the Art Education program complete both the Bachelor's program and the Master's program with an artistic-scientific final examination. As a personal honor, students of the Art Education program can be proposed by their artist professor for the appointment as a "Meisterschüler*in" (master student) by the Rector of the 360直播吧no earlier than after the 7th semester.